Thursday, April 11, 2013

SO GLAD!!!!!

I am so glad to be back home in Florida!  Don't get me wrong, I like Maine, but weather wise Florida is for me!  You can ride your Harley all year around for one thing.  Yes, it does get hot and humid during the summer, but you can cool off a lot faster in air conditioning than you can warm up in a heated home! That's my story and I am sticking to it!

I was in Maine to work at the New England Made Gift Show.  I was with Mr. Moose Mills.  He was glad I came up to his neck of the woods.  He is always visiting me down in Florida, so this time I went up to New England.  The show was great and we sold a lot of Moose Mills Products!

I had the opportunity to see some of Maine as I had to travel an hour north of Portland to visit a customer.  I went through some beautiful New England towns.  The drive along US 1 was beautiful. Since US 1 is the same as US 1 in Florida, it would be so neat to travel up US 1 from Daytona Beach to Portland, Maine and even further north.  Especially on a motorcycle!

Wiscasset, Maine

A church in Wiscasset, Maine

On my drive back from Newcastle to Portland, I drove through the beautiful town of Wiscasset.  I stopped into one of the stores which was absolutely full of collectibles.  The church up on the hill as I drove out of town was so beautiful that I had to take a picture.  Typical New England!  Loved it!

I also drove through Bath.  I believe that is where I saw the ship building yards as I crossed the bridge.  I even saw a fisherman fishing in the water as I crossed one of the bridges.  I told myself that no one would believe me if I told them there was someone fishing in the middle of March.  

That night on the Portland, Maine news they were talking about Elver.  My ears perked up as they said they were fishing for elver. (Boat with fisherman I saw?  Maybe my answer?)  I am not a fisherman, but with my dad being a die hard fisherman in Michigan, I do know about different types of fish.  But an Elver????  They are small transparent looking eels.  This supposedly is very big in Maine in March.  These little eels are worth a lot of money!  I believe they reported $2,000 a pound!  Wow! Who knew!  I learn something new all the time.

I had another customer in Old Orchard Beach, Maine to visit.  This is a small town right on the Atlantic Ocean south of Portland.  Only a few stores were open as this is a tourist town.  It must be "hopping" during the summer.

The Pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine
The rest of The Pier going over the Atlantic Ocean

Someday it would be nice to visit Old Orchard Beach during the summer.  There are so many nice towns up and down the coast of Maine.

Big Moose Harley Davidson in Portland, Maine

And I could not visit Portland without going to the Harley Davidson Dealer.  I never got a chance to go there last year, so I made it a point to stop by this year.  And come to find out it was just down the road from my hotel.  Look at how big that moose is!  He was huge!  

So I am keeping very busy and I like it that way.  I feel it is the only way to stay young!

As Always,


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