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Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest like me?  Come on, be honest. I know there are a lot of you out there that LOVE Pinterest!

So today, I am on Pinterest browsing and come across a picture of a shop, Fortino's, from my hometown of Grand Haven, Michigan.  I couldn't believe it!  My hometown on Pinterest?  So I did a search. I put in Grand Haven and hundreds of boards (pictures) came up. So, of course, I had to set up a new board on my Pinterest account titled "My Hometown".  I went down memory lane looking at all the boards.  It was great!

Grand Haven is probably best known for being Coast Guard City USA!  Every year, over the first weekend of August, the Coast Guard Festival is held.  A carnival, parade, craft show and an enormous fireworks show is held.  Coast Guard ships come into the harbor and you can tour them.  
This is a huge sand dune across the harbor that has the world's largest musical fountain.

During WWII, the Coast Guard ship Escanaba that was stationed in Grand Haven, was sunk by an enemy torpedo in the Atlantic. There were only two survivors. All that remains today of the Escanaba is her rigged mast, her lifeboat, and a few other items, which are part of the memorial park in Grand Haven.
The Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw sailing into Grand Haven for the Coast Guard Festival.

I mentioned World's Largest Musical Fountain?  Here it is.  It plays every night during the summer around dusk.  It is a beautiful sight to see.

Grand Haven has been picked as one of the top secret beaches in the U.S.  I love the pier and lighthouse.  Grand Haven does have one of the best beaches in Michigan in my opinion.
Absolutely Beautiful on Lake Michigan!

Grand Haven is also known for PIZZA!  Now here is where my hubby and I differ.  There are two great hometown pizzerias in Grand Haven.  One is Fricano's Pizza and the other is Clover Bar Pizza.  
This is my favorite hometown pizza.

Clover Bar is my favorite pizza place.  TJ and his brother, Steve, own it.  No matter how many years it has been between visits, when TJ sees me walk in the door he knows what drink to make for me.  It is a Singapore Sling.  I drink one nowhere else but Clover Bar!  And their pizza is absolutely AWESOME!!
This is my hubby's favorite hometown pizza, Fricano's.

Fricano's has been around since 1949 in Grand Haven. See them lined up waiting to get in?  A regular site at Fricano's.  The pizza is good!!!

My hometown has the BEST Pronto Pups EVER!!  What is a Pronto Pup you ask?  It is similar to a corn dog, but you cannot compare them.  A Pronto Pup is by far the BEST!  
Don't these look good?

Have you ever heard of Story & Clark pianos?  These pianos were Made in America for years and years.  Story & Clark had piano factory in Grand Haven from 1900 to 1984.  Today the Story & Clark factory has been converted into condos, retail shops & offices.
This is what is left of the Story & Clark smoke stack.  The condos are in the background. 
This is one of the Story & Clark buildings turned into retail shops & offices.

These are just a few of the things of interest in my hometown, Grand Haven, Michigan.  We moved to Florida in 1985 and we love it here because of the weather.  But we do love to go back to visit our hometown whenever we can.

Thank you for touring my hometown with me.  I hope you learned some things.  And if you are ever in Michigan and driving up US 31 on the western shore of Michigan, stop in and take in the sites of Grand Haven.  Grand Haven is located on Lake Michigan due west of Grand Rapids.

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