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I did tell you before that we would have different guests stopping by every now and then.  I want to introduce you to Mr. Moose Mills of Moose Mills Products.  He has graciously agreed to an interview.  So let's begin.........

First of all, thank you Moose for stopping by to visit us.  Where and when did you start Moose Mills Products?

Gifts, thank you for having me.  It feels good to be in warmer weather down here in Florida.  It is a bit cold up in New Hampshire where I live.  Moose Mills Products is going on two years old.  The company that owns Moose Mills is Product Quest a manufacturing company with locations in Peterborough, New Hampshire, and in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Product Quest was started by an entrepeneur in 1995.  Some of the employees of PQ got together and came up with the idea to make skin care products that appealed to men as well as women.  My graphics and designs are the result of one Awesome graphic artist and her department at PQ.  EJ is the best artist around and I can't thank her and her crew enough for all they do! 

From reading about you from your earlier blogs on, you are a single dad raising a daughter.  Tell us about her.

Oh, you are talking about my pride and joy, Minny Moose.  As you know from reading that blog that you mentioned, my wife left me about two years ago and she left Minny for me to raise.  I absolutely love raising Minny, and with the help of a great family, Minny has the best of care.  When I have to travel on business, it is good to have such support from my family.  Minny is 4 years old and she travels with me every now and then.  She went with me recently on a business trip to North Carolina and got to see all the fall colors.  North Carolina has some beautiful mountains like New Hampshire.

What are some of the things you do to help promote Moose Mills Products?
I do several things. As you mentioned earlier, I have a blog.  I talk about my travels and my products, highlight various gift stores that carry my products, and do fun things on my blog.  I also have a Facebook page, and I get on Twitter and talk to my followers. I go to Gift Shows. I did a show in March in Portland, Maine. And I just did a show in September in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. These shows are for buyers from gift stores and we show our products to them and they place orders. I love meeting all the nice people at these shows. We are doing a few more shows next year. I also travel around helping promote my products with my "adopted mom" and sometimes with her family.  If you go and read my blog you can see some of the trips that I took this year. 

You told us that your products are for men and women.  Do you have a favorite?
I like all my products.  I do have some that I really like.  One is my Magic Hand Therapy?  Do you like that name?  I have a cool creative team and they came up with that and the other cool names of my products.  The reason that it is called Magic Hand Therapy is because your dry, tired skin on your hands becomes soft and touchable after using my hand treatment.  Magic!!!  And you know that they say that "mud" is good for your skin.  Really?  Well I know that my Mud Foot Balm is AWESOME for your poor tired feet!  It contains this cool ingredient that brings your feet back to life!  And I absolutely LOVE my Butter Cream for all over your body!  It contains shea butter and if you smell it you will want to eat it.  But I don't recommend that!  And I think the coolest named product I have is my Cool Hand Moose Hand Sanitizer.  Don't you just love that name?  You can check out all my products at

As you know, Moose, I am selling some of your Moose Mills Products in gift bags on my website  Can you describe one of the gift bags for the readers?
Yes, I see that you have really made some cool combinations of my products and you have put my moose plush doll in each gift bag.  The Hand/Foot/Lips Gift Bag is probably the most popular one as it has my Magic Hand Therapy, Mud Foot Balm, Aloe Lip Balm along with the plush moose doll.  You have a total of 5 different gift bags which I think is a very nice selection.  One of my gift bags would be a great gift for that special someone in your life.  Please check the gift bags out at her website.
How was your Thanksgiving, Moose?
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Minny Moose and I spent it with family up in New Hampshire.  Lots of food and Minny and her cousins had a blast playing together.  It is great for families to spend quality time together.  I am all about Family!
I  hear you are getting ready to take a trip overseas?  Are you traveling to the Far East?
Yes, there is a crew from Product Quest going over to Japan, China and the Philippines.  We will introduce some of the products we make here including my Moose Mills Products.  I am so looking forward to going over there.  I will take pictures and do a blog on my trip when I return.  Who knows, maybe I will do a blog while I am over there.  Make sure you follow my blog to see what happens!
Well, Moose, I know you are very busy and have to run.  I want to thank you for stopping by and giving us a few minutes of your precious time.
Yes, I am busy getting ready for my trip to the Far East.  And I am also busy marketing for the Christmas holidays.  You know, "A Moose's work is never done"!  I want to thank you for having me stop by, and Merry Christmas everyone!!
That's all for this time.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!!
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  1. How cool about him going over seas!!! My mom and dad were born in the Philippines! One day we will take M&M. Can't wait to read about his adventures there!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  2. Yes, he loves to travel. Wish I was going with him, but maybe next time!