Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Addiction to Pinterest!

One Pinterest Idea 

Remember from a blog that I did last month I told you I was addicted to Pinterest?  Well, have you checked it out yet?  No!  You definitely need to check it out.

One of the ideas I found on Pinterest was how to lay mulch and keep the weeds out.  Well let me tell you, I was all over that article. My biggest pet peeve is laying mulch down and then a week later, weeds coming up through the mulch!  We have bought the mulch that is supposed to keep the weeds away for six months.  Yeah, right!  Doesn't work.  We have tried the black "screening" material that we laid down and put the mulch over it. The weeds still find a way to come up through it!  

So a couple months ago I found this article on Pinterest that says lay newspaper down around your plants first and put the mulch over the newspaper.  It will take 18 months for the paper to "dissolve" and by that time any weeds or grass seeds will die.  So we tried it.  Of course try to pick a day to do this when it isn't windy.  It was a little windy the day we did this, so it was a challenge to lay the newspaper down and get the mulch on it before the newspaper blew away.  I am sure the neighbors had fun watching my husband and I tackle this job!  It has been one month since we laid the mulch down and no weeds!!  So far, so good!

Another Pinterest Idea 

My husband and I decided we would paint the outside of our house!  We figured if we took our time and did one side of the house at a time, we could do it. It took us three days over a week (about 10 hours) to paint the house.  It was a job, but by not painting every day and spreading it over a week helped.  As you can see above I found another idea on Pinterest.  You take a rubber band and spread it over the middle of you pail and then you use the rubber band instead of the sides of the pail to remove excess paint each time you dip the paint brush in the pail. This helped with not getting paint on the sides of the pail and then it dripping down the outside of the pail.  I did the detail brushing around the windows, doors, etc. while my husband rolled the paint on the stucco.  We bought this great paint at Lowe's that is made for contractors and it is supposed to last 15 years.  It is a semi-gloss paint and it really turned out great and looks good.  My hubby and I both agree that we won't be painting the house next time!

So if you haven't checked out Pinterest yet, why don't you give it a try.  I am pretty sure you will like it and may get addicted like me!

As Always,